Software Engineering

We offer realizing software development projects which go from realworld analysis and technical planning to actual implementation and testing and finally rollout. We do long-term support and maintain our software and installations as you like us to do it.

  • Know-How

    • Computer Vision
    • Machine Learning
    • Database Management Systems
    • Modern programming languages
    • Distributed systems / Clustering
    • Linux / UNIX operating systems

    Experience in:
    • Realtime audio processing
    • Industry control systems
    • Embedded / BareMetal development
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  • Accomplished software projects

    Our software is used in following working areas: Media monitoring, insurance, automotive, governmental and more.
    • Distributed Image Recognition Systems
    • Distributed Image-Fingerprinting System
    • Distributed Video-Fingerprinting System
    • Distributed Web-Scraping System
    • Monitoring and -Administration of cluster environments
    • Data migration for a nature conservation project
    • Offline Robotics Programming- and Simulation-Software
    • Realtime Exhaust-Sound-Generator
    • Modules for Odoo/OpenObject-ERP
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Support / Administration

Service is very important for everyone's business. Our service technicians help you find a quick and reliable solution to your problems using their professional knowhow and experience.

  • Our main mission: Minimize downtimes!

    We design our systems to be up and running while minimizing oncost. If a new problem reoccurs it will be analyzed and rated. Either a bug is filed and fixed or a solution is found that automates handling of identical events in the future.
  • Monitoring with early warning system

    Monitoring using standard solutions like Zabbix with a lot of customized rules enables us to analyze parameters from both underlying PCs / OS and our software solutions. LUNAR Distributed Computation and Image Recognition Solutions can be monitored this way and early warnings can be sent via email.
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  • Hotline and online 24/7 ticket system

    Our hotline and online ticket system is available for every customer. Either maintenance requests, bug reports or other issues can be filed on a 24/7 basis and are assigned to a service technician asap. The process can be viewed online and new events can be sent via email automatically.
  • Planning and developing custom solutions

    We have professional expertise in various areas including computer vision, databases, parallel computing, UNIX/Linux OS infrastructure and lots more. We help and team up with you from the early beginning of your project to the final deployment step. Besides LUNAR we have created software for industrial quality assurance systems, offline robot welding applications, industrial automation, media exposure analysis and realtime audio-synthesis for applications in the automotive industry.
  • Individual service agreements

    If longterm service is important for your business we offer individual service agreements to meet your requirements. We offer full service, response times < 1h on a 24/7 daily basis in combination to licensing agreements of our software solutions.